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Coffee ~ Café Solo

Word ~ Pensive


It seems as though every time people fall under the weather gloom seems like a natural companion. Why is it that when we are sick, we inevitably fall into a sinkhole of sadness? They always say that you shouldn’t feel bad for yourself, that you need to change your perspective, your setting, what you are wearing, but after trying all of those fruitless options, I still feel sad. It seems so silly, so borderline pathetic to feel so down and out, but i can’t help but feel this way. It’s dark inside the house and it’s dark outside and it seems as though I have wasted the whole day at home, sick. But behind the gloom and overdramatic doom, when you are sick, you do gain some clarity. You start thinking about life, what you did the day before, what’s left to do for the day ahead and you maybe, at least speaking for myself, think about all the people in your current, present day life. You think of your three loves, your friends, your family and your love. Those three aspects of your life, coinciding day in and day out, fill your life with the all the things life is supposed to be made of, or so the media and your elders seem to say so. But what if after having all those things, your amazing family, your great friends, and your beautiful love, you suddenly find yourself wanting more? Something more, something new, just something, but what? I recently considered writing a post about the so-called “January Blues”. I always dreaded the month January for its insipid effect, its either bad luck city or just plain down and out blues. Many speculate the blame landing on the sudden termination of the holiday season as the culprit responsible for causing these first month sorrows, but there must be more. What if its us that are the causes of this blue phenomenon? Every time we get get sad, whether its because of the receding daylight, our sicknesses or from some mysterious one month a year occurrence, what if the sadness we feel is just a facade for a feeling of desire we are expressing from deep within? A ludicrous notion or is there some truth there? What if no matter how many perfectly in place things we have in our life, we still crave something more as human nature always entails? So, what if our sadness is actually a want for something more. Its just an interesting food for thought. What is something more, when you already have all?