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To be extremely honest I am so pleasantly surprised and touched. I started this blog not too long ago, two Thanksgivings ago to be exact, thinking it was just going to be an outlet of mine, a place to manipulate words, toss around some ideas, be a little creative absent the pressure of some authority figure’s directive pointer telling me what to do for the honor of some defining grade. Harsh, but is it not true? Regardless, I’m touched that after all this time my page remains thriving and I am ready to reclaim the helm. Welcome to my blog, The Daily TWAC, again, this time for good.

Moreover, to continue full steam ahead on what I will self-define as the realization train, I have realized in these last few weeks of toying around with the idea of restarting this epic, that it is no easy feat. Sometimes you don’t know how to express how you feel or what you want to say even when you have every mode of expression available within your reach. Before writing this, I can attest to ten separate instances of attempting to type and then failing to produce a single word. I thought it was due to not having anything worth writing, but there is always something worth writing. I can see now it was all from some lack of motivation that came about from the fused pressures of a busy schedule, circumstance and a lack of focus, which I am eagerly ready to regain and reignite. I want to begin again. I want to explore the world around me and delineate it in my own words for you to dissect and reflect on. As tradition, accompanying today’s post is the coffee that started it all, a single, hot espresso.

I’ll keep this short and sweet, thank you for staying tuned even through my long absence. Happy New Year and expect more posts to come. Lets make this year worthwhile, lets discuss, reflect, think and question. Keep in touch and leave a comment or two; I’m always looking forward to reading them.

Stick Around

Thank you and stick around…