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Coffee ~ An after dinner Espresso

Word ~ Gregarious


Tonight I spent some time reflecting on some quotes I’ve compiled throughout my life and I would like to share some with you and see how you feel about them. Feel free to submit some of your own personal quotes as well…

“Love is a form of socially acceptable insanity” – (Her, Amy Adams).

“Life is but a bucket of experiences is it not? we are molded, shaped and sculpted by the experiences we hold within, but more importantly it is how we interpret these precious cultivating aspects which separates us from the other” (RMK).

“The most satisfying part of a book is not what the solution is but rather why and how it came to be so” (Rosalind Franklin).

“Change your location to enjoy a new viewpoint” (RMK).

“A change imposed is a change opposed” (Who Moved The Cheese).

“Take a moment each day to stop and appreciate the sites you see, it could be a scenic setting, a face, a smile, simply put, it is important to stop each day and take a moment to appreciate the beauty around you, reflect on the hard work you put in to reach this moment, and appreciate the impending future that lyes ahead, with the coming moment” (RMK).