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Coffee ~ Caffe Latte w/ add shot

Word ~ Mirage


Today I find myself reflecting on the many choices life puts in front of us. There are many moments in life where you are encountered head on by a scale. A scale, teetering back and forth, forcing you to decide whether one thing is better than the other. The quintessential struggle falls between which to follow? Your heart or your mind. I believe that sometimes you should throw risk into the equation as well. Life is an unclear progression along a road dusted with layers of tricks, twists and turns. Take a risk, mix in a spark of chance and with a gram of moxy you will surely gain a new perspective and probably a truly interesting outcome. Give yourself a challenge, next time you find yourself teetering make a choice and then immediately choose the other. i can tell you for sure, as can my family and all of my friends that success is in fact garnered from the risks you push yourself to take as opposed to the safety nets you set. So today, take a risk, skip the sweets and enjoy this note with your delicious cup of coffee.


Safety First?

We as humans seem to always seek for a net even before considering jumping

We are constantly planning, constantly deliberating a more beaten course for a better, more tamed future

It is rare to see a man venture into the grey before him absent a battle strategy

Is it out of his self-contrived fear or out of a lack of an imagination-driven gut?

To embrace what mysterious manifestations there are in front of us, we must first cut loose from all that is restricting from behind us

It is always interesting, however not always good, to take a gamble and jump into an ocean sparkled in obscurity

The beauty of course is not in what you gain or lose in the end but how it is you grew in response to it

After all, we must certainly evolve somehow to further our transcendental existence

I say, if we can only make but a temporary trace on time itself

If we can only make but a temporary footprint on the beach before it is washed away

Then why not make the trace more extravagantly impactful and the footprint that much deeper

I say, why not take a gamble, why not take a risk

And but of course, I’m not saying it has to be uncalculated.


~ With that food for thought I wish you a pleasant day,