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Coffee ~ French Vanilla Bean

Word ~ Ardent

Hello and Good Evening, this one is but simple, reflect and think, envision and connect, this ones for you.

“Red Wine”

Until recently I felt as though the poetic tongue has left my diction forever

Just a distant memory, no more applicable, no motivation to be clever

But you have come into my life so purely, so gently

You, with the most genuine touch have honestly inspired me so permanently

What good, heavenly, supernaturally, brought you to me?

I have come to the point where you are all that I can see

Between your feel, your taste, to even just a simple glance

Makes me instantaneously jump, giving me the rush to take any chance

To take a chance at something that is rare, something undefined

With you, the undefined becomes defined and I see my future realigned

A premonition of a good, a good routed in the love we share

You take my hand, you help me see, give me the strength to dare

Help me place faith in the previously unpredictable, but with you so clear

From just a look into those honey chocolate brown eyes

Doth me completely and entirely hypnotize

For once I can surely say my heart is safe from being harmed

Nestled warmly in your hands, it can beat unalarmed

Knowing that if I walk I’ll always have your hand in mine

A returned smile, a reciprocated glance, a partner to cling with, my glass of red wine

Red Wine Twac