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Good Evening Everyone,

It has been some time, a few updates and some minor fixes and now at last I am happy to say that the blog is back on track.

 Back on track

This evening, I want to share with you a piece I wrote a few months ago. The subject of the piece or of whom it regarded is irrelevant, it was in the context of the time, but regardless, the thought behind it, I believe, is quite strong. As you read it, reflect on it and pose yourselves the question, have you ever imagined something, anything, which turned out to, in fact, be nothing? It is sad, but most of the time, we as human beings continue imagining even though we already know it is but nothing at all. How do we know when to draw the line?

Drawing a line

“That Something That Wasn’t”

Please don’t look at me with those piercing eyes

They’re bleeding tears that could even make sorrow itself cry

We always knew that it would never be as the dreams foretold

It would never be us two, together, forever against the world

My love, why do you cry before me, eyes so red, so deeply distressed?

Give me a smile, your smile, the last smile

Leave me drenched in your essence, inebriated from the love I feel for you

Kiss me; kiss me as if today was your last day for tomorrow I will no longer be here

Look at me, look at me the way you always did and drown me in longing for your touch

Then let me go, release my hand and let me go and alas end everything that wasn’t

After all, you were always my everything and truly, I was your nothing

Absent ruse, please do tell me my love, if I am at all mistaken

In blood, in blood, in blood, imprisoned in a pool of blood escaping from a broken heart

Pease don’t cry, I will be okay, yes, I will be okay

I will still laugh, I will smile, sing, dance, fall and never see the light again, no, I will be okay

Eventually, my tears will change their temperature from a passion filled warm to a stoic, lifeless cold

Please don’t be sad, please show me some hope to remind me of the hope I hold for something that will never be

For I will always love you and you, never truly me

So let me go, lets say our goodbyes and close the door on that useless hope that still lingers

Pull the plug; pull it fast, the plug that’s kept my heart still beating for that something that in the end, wasn’t

Tomorrow is a new day

Sometimes, although painful and challenging, we should just open our eyes and draw it. The sun will rise again tomorrow and we must understand that today, in fact, does have an end and tomorrow is a brand new day.