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Coffee ~ Mocaccino

Word ~ Revelry

Today I am enlightened, toughed and humbled by something my father wrote. I feel so thankful and honored to have someone like my father in my life. Words so true and so impactful, let me know what you think…

Getting Older

With each day I realize the older I get, the more I look back. I know there are those moments in life where we all tend to reflect and look back. I think of the many people who walked in and out of my life, there must have been a reason for it. Looking back, I have also realized that I’ve learned a great deal about those people as well as myself, we all do stupid things, some of them, I have no idea what I or they were thinking, but I have no remorse in my heart, I don’t know if some of those things are forgivable or just forgotten? But there are those little things in your heart I know we all wish we can change. There are those moments in life where people or something has made an impact on us and we can’t see till sometime later there greater importance or know if it was for the best. I know in my heart I hold dearly many things I cant speak about. Those soft unspoken words you wish you can whisper, but instead fall silent in their intended proliferation.

I can’t change what already has happen in my life for its already written in stone. I have no regrets, I’ve learned forgiveness, which in itself is not an easy task, but I’ve done it. I look up to the sky as I sit in the harbor bay and smile. I thank god that I have yet another day to see the light, another day to cringe my mouth to form a smile and another chance to expand my lungs so I can breath the surrounding fresh air. Remember to take always take a moment alone and just breath. I don’t know where my destiny may lye, but I have FAITH and only time will tell where that may lead me. I leave that to god. I leave that to my loved ones. I leave that to hope, love and everything in between. Live with love in your heart, breath the air you have, smile because you have another day to see light and rejoice with out prejudice in your voice. Thank god for each and everyday he gave your heart a chance to beat harder. Look at the moon and the starry night and don’t try to figure what tomorrow may bring, but be thankful for what you did today.

I am so thankful to have the chance to read and share this.

Thank you Dad